The Best Baby Knee Pads (2022) – Crawling Pants for Babies

The Best Baby Knee Pads (2022) – Crawling Pants for Babies

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Owning a great pair of baby crawling pants is way better than any pair of knee pads for babies – you can take my baby word for it!

When we, babies, are learning to crawl and walk, we often scratch our knees and bump our “pumpkins.” These unpleasant feelings might cause us to stop learning to make these moves for some time, and can postpone crawling and walking.

Fortunately for you, my parents and I went through some research and did some product testing before writing this crawling pants review to help you find the best solution for your baby, and save you time and money.

Keep reading below to see the best baby knee pads!

Problems with Regular Crawling Knee Pads for Babies

Let’s be honest – most baby knee pads suck! They are always sliding off, and rarely thick enough to protect our knees.

If they are thick enough, they are usually uncomfortable for us, babies. It’s a full drama to keep putting them on since babies like me will fight them and their uncomfortableness. Personally, I refuse to crawl when I have them on because they limit my movements!

My parents purchased expensive, fancy baby knee pads with adjustable length for me, which leave no marks on the skin (because they often do), and so on.

What did I do?

I refused to wear them, was fussing around while they were putting them on me, and was taking them off on my own! When the pads remained on me, they would “crawl” out from my knees while I was crawling, and I hated every minute of trying to earn those baby knee pads!

Another problem my parents faced was as I was learning to stand up, I sometimes fell right back on my baby butt, and I cried because it was shocking and painful!

Baby Crawling Pants – A Better Option than Baby Knee Pads?

After all this hassle with baby knee pads, my mama found a great solution! She purchased baby padded pants!

She purchased the Sevi Baby First Step and Crawling Padded Pants.

I love these crawling pants so much and I wear them all the time!

I enjoy bouncing on my butt in them, and I am no longer afraid to fall while trying to stand and crawl on my knees all the time (before I was only army crawling).

Another great benefit of baby crawling pants compared to baby knee pads is that they have thick padding, which doesn’t limit movement. Also, they stay on all the time and have extra protection on the butt.

Along with that, they are skin-friendly since they are made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra! All materials are premium quality and BPA-Free, and they are carefully made in Turkey!

The Sevi Baby First Step and Crawling Padded Pants come in a standard size that fits babies which weigh 19-33 lb (9-15 kg).

Also, let’s not ignore that the design is actually cute! There are bear footprints on the knee padding area, and they come in three colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink.

I have these black ones and they’re adorable!

Sevi Baby Protective Pants for Babies, Padded Pants for Toddler, Patented Crawling Pants for Babies (Made in Turkey) (Gray1)
  • ⚖ Standard Size: 19-33 lb
  • 🤸‍♂️ This product is made of a premium quality fabric. And also, the protective cushions are made of a very soft, light, thick and baby friendly (BPA Free) material. The elasticity feature provides maximum comfort for the baby.
  • 🚶‍♀️ These pants are made for the comfort and health of babies during crawling and first walking. Thanks to the protective pads, your baby will act more easily on hard surfaces such as tiles, laminate, parquet, hardwood or stairs.
  • 😸 Your child will play safely at home and outside on the playground. Don’t worry anymore, these pants protect your child from injuries, bruises and falls.
  • ⏳ Your child can easily wear this pants both in his infancy and during his first walking period. Machine Washable at maximum 40°C. Do not use bleach.

Not only do these work much better than other baby knee pads, but they look awesome too! I am fully walking and running now, but when I was learning how to crawl, I was much more confident to try learning new skills when I felt like I looked cool!

Check out this video of me moving around in my favorite baby crawling pants:

Concluding Thoughts – The Best Baby Knee Pads (2022)

Protecting your baby should be your priority, even if you are protecting them from themselves. Often babies hurt themselves by doing casual things like crawling or attempting to stand up/walk.

Baby knee pads are the right solution in theory, but less practical in reality.

Baby crawling pants do a much better job for your little crawler!

Thank you for taking your time and reading my baby opinion – I hope it helped you with your decision!

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